Can The Use of Antibiotics Cause Infection in my Baby?

Despite popular belief, babies can develop a yeast infection in the baby’s face. Most people think that this condition only affects women, but babies can be affected, but this is a very painful condition. If the baby is reached, must be treated as soon as possible to avoid other side effects.

Then, the use of antibiotics cause an infection of my baby?

A common question is whether a baby with yeast, because antibiotics can be infected. Many mothers want to find the answer and I hope this article enlightens us about it. The answer is that it is possible, and can be made directly or indirectly. Let me explain.

Some of the symptoms of yeast infection in the baby’s face is white spots on the cheeks and mouth and the white liquid rejected. Remember that give the main cause of yeast infection antibiotics for children due to the contribution of the mother, and is found in breast milk, or if the baby had received antibiotics for any reason.

If the mother is breastfeeding a baby is infected, it is worth saying that they need to know that they develop the infection. It is your baby’s doctor, ask what to do, because some mothers are treated rather quiet anyway, and consequently. A home remedy known to the application of yogurt to the affected skin before and after breastfeeding for a soothing effect.

Other possibilities, yeast infection is to treat the baby bath house cider vinegar, or the application of hydrogen peroxide in the affected skin, which supports the healing process and has no drawbacks of characters.

A name for fungal infection in the baby’s face is “thrush”, is not so common a disease such as diaper dermatitis but should be treated from the time immediately prior notice white patches on the lips, tongue or gums. Feel free to make your visit with your doctor if you notice the onset of symptoms, especially if you had no idea of home remedies for infection.

baby infection of yeast in the face is treated in time prevents the baby from developing a complex disease, and if treated properly, it saves a lot of pain and time for the baby and his parents, since this infection can develop child or girl. Therefore, if diagnosed and treated promptly, can be sure that the baby will be beautiful.