Caring Methods For Oily Skin

Certainly oil is must to keep skin moist and hydrated but too much of oil is not good. Skin which releases too much of oil is called ?oily skin?. Oily skin can even be problematic. It makes skin sticky, greasy and even gives rise to acne. Women with oily skin always pray to get rid of it. Oily skin is also not good to look at. It requires skin care on regular basis to control the over-production of oil in the skin. For treating the same some tips are mentioned below. Following them will help you in treating oily skin.

1. As entire problem is occurring because of occurrence of oil on skin, then first of all you need to stop eating oily food completely. Oily food will release oil which will ultimately make skin oilier.

2. Drinking water is very important for oily skin as it hydrate skin. Drink at least ten glasses of water daily.

3. Keep washing your face from time to time. At least wash ten times in a day. Washing face with water removes the layers of extra oil from face.

4. Face wash for oily skin comes separately. They are oil free face wash. Use them only for best results. Avoid creamy or oil face washes, as they leave oily residue in the skin thus making it oilier. Wash your face with face wash twice in a day i.e. in morning and in evening.

5. Never wash face with soap. Soap is a big no-no because it takes out the necessary oils from skin. Even noone should use soap for washing their face.

6. Washing face should be followed by applying oil free moisturizer. Make sure moisturizer you use is oil free.

7. Do make use of wet tissues for removing the dust and dirt. With dirt wet tissues also soak that extra oil from skin.

8. If you have to go out in sun apply sunscreen lotion or gel only. It does not let skin become greasy and oily. Do not apply sunscreen cream, as it makes oily skin sticky.

9. Remember your mission is to prevent coming of excess oil to skin, not making it dry. Oil is very essential for skin. To serve the purpose uses an alcohol-free toner. Dip cotton in toner and then apply on your face in circular motion. It will take away extra oil from skin.

10. Make a paste of uncooked oatmeal, one teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon of lemon and apply on oily skin. Let it be there for about 15 minutes. Later rinse it with lukewarm water. It is very beneficial for oily skin women as it takes out extra oil from it and makes skin charming.

11. You need to be very careful while doing make up. Choose appropriate make up for your skin. Liquid-based foundation, concealer, blush and eye-shadow should be avoided as they make your face greasy. It will ruin your entire appearance. Instead of it opt for powder-based cosmetics. It dries up the excess oil and makes you shine.