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Breast Cancer: Why I Detox

When it comes to oncology, there is no other area more controversial than the relationship between diet and cancer. While everyone would like to believe that what you eat substantially affects your likelihood of developing cancer, or that a particular diet can cure cancer, there is little evidence to prove the effect that your diet has. Reputable sources agree that… Read more →

How to Control Asthma

Asthma results in a narrowing of the airways and is one of the most alarming chronic conditions, but also one of the easiest to manage. Ask your doctor to draw up an action plan of medications for when you are symptom-free (you will still need your regular controller medication), when you have mild symptoms (you will need a reliever inhaler… Read more →

Prom 2009 – How To ‘wow’ Makeup: The Hottest Accessory To Match Your Dress

PROM NIGHT 2009! Time to start your checklist of ‘must-have’ items: one very gorgeous dress, matching jewelry, matching purse, matching shoes. Did you add matching makeup to your accessories list? It’s the hottest New Trend: Lip, Eye and Cheek colors to complement your dress color for a sparkling finish to your total Prom look! But how to decide which makeup… Read more →