Conditions that Hasten the Natural Aging Process

Imagine brushing your teeth in front of the mirror and suddenly getting freaked out by something strange that seems to have appeared on your face overnight. As you inch closer to the mirror, you come to the realization that your first wrinkle has appeared-right beneath your eye. The first signs of aging start out as fine lines, later evolving into more prominent wrinkles. In today’s society, wrinkles are unwanted and deemed unattractive because many of us feel the desire to look and feel young as long as time permits. Unfortunately, aging is inevitable and many factors in our lives quicken the natural aging process, thereby preventing us from aging gracefully. Some of these factors include genetics, age, and lifestyle.


We are all born with a certain genetic coding and if your genes say that you are born with black hair, there is not much you can do. However, there are slight measures you can take to prevent the early onset of wrinkles. Preventative care is the best action against the first signs of aging. This includes avoiding excessive sun exposure, utilizing sun protection, proper skincare maintenance, and more. By taking these actions, this will ensure that your skin does not age prematurely.


It should come as no surprise that age plays a big role in aging. After all, humans are mortal and after many years of living, our bodies do not function the way it did when we were younger. Like genetics, the natural aging process can be slowed through preventative care. Taking care of your skin is extremely important if you do not wish to age prematurely.


Our lifestyle plays an important factor in aging. The environment we reside in and the activities we do (or lack thereof) will contribute to the aging process. Highly polluted areas can be detrimental to our skin and cause us to age faster than other who does not live in a polluted area. In addition, regular exercise and our diet will also determine the way our skin looks. We have more control over lifestyle factors than with genetics and age. Thus, making the right lifestyle choices can allow you to age gracefully. This includes avoiding drug and alcohol use, over excessive sun exposure, and smoking.

Even when you have exerted all possible preventative actions and care against aging, you may find yourself frustrated that nothing seems to work. Fret no more; plastic surgery is available for those who may find themselves taken back at age 35 but looks like they are trekking into their 50’s! Consult a Bay Area cosmetic surgeon for all your anti-aging endeavors. Cosmetic procedures like facelifts, for instance, are commonly performed on individuals wishing for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Thankfully, you do not need the “Fountain of Youth” to look and feel younger. Although we will age (number-wise), we can still negate the physical signs of aging by undergoing various cosmetic procedures. Through science and the advancement in technology, we can look and feel decades younger with a facelift in San Francisco. Conduct thorough research and consult your local expert to determine if you a right candidate for cosmetic surgery.

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