Crucial Facts About Kidney Transplant

In case you or your loved one is about to undergo the transplant surgery then it is wise on your part to know all about it. Firstly, the main aspect that you must know is that the transplant surgery is the last option that is taken to save the persons life. Kidney is one of the most important organs of the body. Hence, it is obvious that without which the body will not function properly. In case the kidney does not function in the right manner the body will be affected.

In case, the kidney is not functioning properly it is very important for you to consult the doctor. Some people think that how can they know that the kidney is not working properly. The main function of the kidney is to flush out wastes from the body. If you find that you are facing to flush out wastes from the body then it would be clever on your part to see the doctor.

Once it is decided to undergo the kidney transplant surgery the first step is to search for a new healthy kidney. This kidney can be donated by a kidney donor. The kidney donor can be a person living or dead. The decision of donating the kidney wholly depends on the donor. If dead, this wish should have been told the family members well in advance.

After the kidney donor is found, the transplant surgery should not begin then. It is vital that certain compatibility tests are carried out. The reason behind these compatibility tests is to know that the recipient and donor are compatible. These tests include blood tests, RH level etc. After the test reports are received and if the surgeon finds the tests positive the kidney transplant surgery process will start.

Many people have the wrong notion that the kidney transplant surgery is a big process. But that is not the case. The surgery continues for about three hours. There are certain tips that the recipient must follow after the surgery. The recipient needs to take proper care of the health as he/she might take sometime to recover. It depends on person to person to recover. Some might take just a couple of days; on the other hand some people take more days. How can you know that your body has started functioning properly? When the body starts producing urine this means that it has started working properly.