Digital Products Endanger The Health of Children

Nowadays, there are various digital products like camera and computer in our family. These products can effectively improve the quality of our life. However, at the same time, they can endanger the health of small kids inside the house. Parents should pay attention to the danger carefully in our daily life.

Many parents like to take photos for their children. When the optical line inside the house is relatively dark, the photoflash lamp in the camera will be used to improve the effect. However, as a kind of strong light, photoflash lamp can seriously stimulate the eyes of children to cause danger. Therefore, parents should not use photoflash lamp frequently when taking photos for the kids.

Cell phone can cause serious radiation around us to cause various problems like headache and decreasing memory. The internal organs of young kids are not developed quite well. Therefore, the radiation can cause more serious hurt among children. In order to protect the children, parents should not let children to touch the cell phones for a long time. Children should use hand-free telephone in our daily life as far as possible.

MP3 and MP4 are also common in our daily life. Some children like to eat these products as sugars, which can seriously cause danger. What’s more, MP3 and MP4 can cause noise pollution inside the house. Thus, malnutrition and anoxia of the cochlea can be caused to finally affect the hearing. The noise pollution can even decrease the stability of the visual definition of children. Other problems like indigestion and inappetence can also be caused. Therefore, parents should not provide such products for their children. In addition, children should frequently eat vegetables and fruits to remove the internal toxins and alleviate the harm.

Television and computer have plundered more and more time of young children. According to the experts, the long-time use of television and computer can seriously affect the reading comprehension and eyesight of children. The decreasing eyesight can even affect the balanced capacity and judgment of children. Therefore, parents should strictly control the time that children use to play computer and watch television. In addition, parents should pay attention to the development of eyes of their children. They should provide the foods like animal liver and vegetables containing lutein and vitamin A for small kids in daily life. When children are reading books, parents should help them form some good habits.