Factors That Affect The Skin Texture And Prevents Aging

The skin surface becomes dull and loses its consistency, once it starts to age. The process of aging is a natural phenomenon and cannot be abated. However, it proceedings can be delayed and ensured that it does not affect the surface considerably. There are certain factors that directly affect the skin surface. These factors are like food intake, inefficient skin care regimes and more.

Food Intake

Well, it has been proved that the consumption of food majorly affects the outer skin and body. Foods that are extremely greasy and spicy will only make the external surface prone to outbreaks. Hence, it is recommended that the food regime should be nutritious and healthy.

Foods to Avoid

Foods that accelerate the release of free radicals and initiate inflammation should be avoided. A list of such ingredients that cause damage to the skin surface are enlisted in the following.

??? Foods containing excessive simple carbohydrates like wafers, biscuits, honey and more affect the surface extensively. Regular intake of such foods increases body weight considerably. In fact, it has been reported that for every gram of simple carbohydrates, the body retains about 3 times of water.

??? Ingredients that are fattening like oils, nuts, meat, dairy products and poultry, have the potential to make the surface greasy. This produces excessive sebum that accumulates within the pores on the outside.

??? White bread has got devastative effects on the health of pregnant women. The ingredient is so harmful that it can destroy the fetus within the body.

Consumption of nutritious foods that is higher on reduced inflammation rate controls the release of free radicals that can harm the system considerably. The major products in this case that aid in resolving the problem is mentioned below:

??? Green leafy vegetables higher in vitamins and antioxidants are great for the body. These provide immense nutrition and are good for the suppleness of the skin surface. Ingredients like broccoli, spinach and carrots are some of the most efficient vegetables. However, it should be non-starchy in content that initiates weight gain.

??? Seafoods that are lower in mercury are great for skin radiance. This makes the surface replenished and emits a glow, naturally.

Including the ingredients that are healthy are the ones that elevate the skin texture substantially.

Grey Hair Coverage

Graying naturally is an incredible way to age. However, suitable grey coverage can cut down several years from your actual age. Grey hair seems to be rough and coarse in appearance. Adequate dying can smooth the roughness and increases its volume.

Hair Style

A proper hair cut with the inclusion of fringes can make you look younger than your actual age. These cover the wrinkles on the surface and prevent them from becoming prominent. A great hair style instantly creates an effect on the facial texture.

Message Therapies

A suitable message can work well to ward off tiredness. It also increases the blood circulation that initiates a great skin texture. Regular facials aid in making the surface supple and naturally smooth. The texture becomes soft as a result that emits radiance.

Cosmetic Cures

Synthetically formulated fillers, fat transfers and even dermal lifts are extremely harsh on the skin surface. These can actually create havoc in the long run. Laser resurfacing and more such treatments curb the natural consistency and erode the skin surface.

Sun Exposure

Excessive subjection to the harsh rays of the Sun can be detrimental to the skin surface. The tough ultraviolet radiation penetrates through the surface and causes harm to its texture. It is advisable to carry an umbrella and sunglasses that prevents the seeping of such harmful radiation. A generous application of sunscreen is great to abate the harmful effects of the Sun’s radiation.

Other Considerations

??? Suitable application of makeup hides away major facial foes. It even makes your skin surface look radiant and vibrant.

??? Usage of less powders and foundation is recommended. Moisturisers are great to provide the suppleness to the skin texture.

??? Adorn slimming undergarments. These cover up for the slight difference in body proportion.

??? Teeth whitening effects can be crucial to knock off several years of age.

??? Adequate posture maintenance is good to make your appearance more appealing.

??? Ward off dull and tired eyes with an adequate inclusion of sleep in your regime.


The best therapy in this context is using a proper exfoliation regime. Exfoliating the skin surface, scrubs off dead and dry cells from the exterior.