Four Types of Foods Help to Prevent Children From Cold

As winter is coming, due the fall of temperature, many people would easily get colds, then in terms of children, it is not good to take medicine when get cold. Thus, this article will introduce you some types of foods that can help to prevent children from cold. Besides, with the change of temperature, parents should pay more attention to children’s clothes.

Foods rich in vitamin A. the paediatrist point out that the lack of VA is a major cause that make children susceptible to respiratory tract in winter and spring. The foods rich in VA are carrots, amaranth, spinach, pumpkin, red and yellow fruits, animal liver, milk and so on. And when necessary, children can take orally the VA preparation, the daily dosage for baby is 1500to 3000 units, and the children’s is 3000 to 5000 units a day.

Besides, zinc is the invincible opponent of many viruses. Thus take foods that rich in zinc is helpful in the time that cold spread. Eating foods that rich in zinc is helpful to enhance our body to resist the virus, because zinc can help to inhibit viral proliferation. Meat, seafood and poultry contain the most of zinc. Besides, various beans, nuts, and various seeds are good and available to take.

Foods rich in vitamin C also can help to prevent the cold. Because VC can promote the synthesis of body indirectly and thus have the function to enhance our immunity. All kinds of fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits are good to supplement VC.

The lack of iron in our body can cause the damage of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, thus, our immunity would decrease and we can’t resist the influenza infection. Generally speaking, the absorption and utilization of animal food is three times of the plant food. The iron in animal foods called heme iron, which can be obtained from the liver, pork, beef, oysters, mussels and other access. Usually the redder the food is, the higher the content of iron is. Besides, the absorption and utilization of iron in our small intestine can’t be affected by other factors. And the iron in plant foods called nonheme iron, such as, the dark green vegetables like spinach, sweet potato leaves and grains and legumes like soybeans, red beans. Usually the deeper the color is the higher content of iron. In order to promote the absorption of iron, we can also take some VC when take meal.