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Muscular dystrophy is a progressive disease that involves increasing weakness of the muscles. This disease is inherited, and the different types of muscular dystrophy are inherited differently. It is said to be sex linked and is carried on the x chromosome. In males the existence of an altered gene will cause the disease to be present, but in women, who have 2 x chromosomes, it is necessary for both chromosomes to be altered. There are many different symptoms of muscular dystrophy. Some of the more common ones are poor balance, frequent falls, and walking difficulty. This makes a lift chair a good tool for those with muscular dystrophy .

Cerebral palsy is a condition that arises due to a group of disorders in the nervous system because of damage in the brain. It usually occurs in infants and children below 2 years of age and has no cure for it. Besides, each child will have a different amount of effect on them and it varies among children of the same age and condition too. There are different types of cerebral palsy treatments. Cerebral palsy affects many children and there is no cure for it, there are only treatments to help a patient cope with their disability.

Children go through different therapies that suit their needs but the financial costs are overwhelming usually exceeding $500, forms of juvenile cerebral palsy or CP is found in every two or three children out of every one thousand born in the United States. That’s an astonishing figure. The good news is, many of these cases are mild enough that the patient can move on and live a fairly normally life.

Cerebral palsy symptoms include having trouble developing simple motor skills such as sitting up, walking, holding things and so forth. Now, this doesn’t mean that if your child can’t sit up when they are four months old but your neighbor’s child did, that they have CP. The events included will depend on the plan of the cerebral palsy organization. Some organization will hire a famous music artist and ask them to do a live performance to raise money, some host bingo events, and some even gaming events. Cerebral Palsy Associations are not-for-profit organization that reaches out to people who has children with such disorder They sometimes host a charity event to raise cash in order to help people parents with cerebral palsy children with their therapy.

Therapy can be very expensive. So, if you are a parent who wants treatment for your child, you can seek help in these organizations. Poor muscle tone, abnormal posture or movements and a delay in achieving the normal developmental milestones of infancy may raise the suspicion of ataxic cerebral palsy. Ataxic cerebral palsy tends to become progressively worse as the patient ages. An experimental treatment called chronic cerebella stimulation places electrodes on the surface of the cerebellum. There are different causes behind the development of cerebral palsy, which is why you should contact a cerebral palsy lawyers if you feel that your child is suffering due to medical negligence. When searching for an accomplished cerebral palsy lawyer, consider looking through the telephone book or the internet.