Good Blood Pressure Guarantees Good Health

High blood pressure also known as hypertension will bring can bring deleterious effects to our health if not for proper medical attention. It is always asymptomatic which always catch a person unaware and can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, renal failure and arterial aneurysm. These are all life threatening; thus, monitoring your health conditions as well as adopting ways to have good blood pressure are necessary.

A good blood pressure means a normal blood pressure wherein our body’s systems continue to function normally. Blood continues to flow smoothly to the heart and to the brain, thereby, preventing heart attack and stroke.

Proper monitoring of your health condition is necessary to keep you strong, healthy and alert. Otherwise, you have to find ways to treat unhealthy conditions. If you cannot do it personally, have a regular check -up with your doctor and persistence in maintaining your balanced diet and a regular exercise or physical activities.

There are several ways to maintain good blood pressure. First is to have time to do a regular exercise to stretch your muscles and nerves. You need at least thirty minutes in a day; three times a week to do this exercise. If not used to any kind of physical exercise, then you can start strolling or walking and later you can have jogging, running, swimming or engaged in any sports activities. Or, you can do dancing. These do not only keep you in good shape but helps body organs functions smoothly. Regular exercise is the key not only to a healthy body but also to a healthy heart and mind.

Second is by watching your food intake. Avoid too much salt or sodium because this can constrict blood vessels and will lead to hypertension. It is better to go more for fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain good blood circulation; thus, giving a healthy heart. Have fish included in your diet since this is rich in omega3fatty acids which are necessary in the improvement of metabolic and cardiovascular health. Usually, fish oil increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol levels in the body as well as helps in the improvement of blood circulation to the heart and to the brain; thus, preventing heart attack and stroke.

For those who have undergone heart transplants, it is highly recommended to have more intake of fish which are full in omega3 fatty acids. It is a fact that high blood pressure is often associated with heart transplant surgery, this omega 3 is important to stabilize the health condition. In other words, omega 3 is an effective treatment for post surgery with hypertension

Third is to change lifestyles. Cut down cigarettes, alcohol and even prohibited drugs because all these things can do no good but will always give harmful effects to our health. However, avoiding all of these is really a difficult task because you cannot do it overnight but it needs persistence as well as patience to achieve good blood pressure.