High Cholesterol – Overseeing an Ongoing Condition

The first time you found out you were diagnosed with high cholesterol, you should first know that you are not alone. Many adults will at some point have to do something to bring their cholesterol down over the course of their lifetime. This is because the western diet is filled with salt, fat and butter, things that raise cholesterol. But increased cholesterol levels are very critical. They can lead to plaque clogging the arteries and later to heart attacks and strokes. So it’s very important to manage this illness and bring the high cholesterol down as soon as possible, and then do what you have to do to keep it down. Different folks have different ideas about the best way to keep the cholesterol down. One idea is to monitor your diet ruthlessly and relentlessly.

Eat whole grains instead of white starch. Eat fresh local vegetables that are in season and minimally prepare them in order to get the most nutrients out of them. If your vegetables are good quality and ripe at the right time in the season, you don’t need to do much to them to enjoy their inherent delicious flavor. All that will be needed is a drizzle of olive oil, a splash of lemon juice, and some fresh ground pepper. Clean meats like lean white chicken breast, low fat meats, and lean fish can provide wholesome sources of protein. Drinking lots of purified water during the day is critical.

Get lots of exercises and take vitamins. All of these dietary changes will help to keep your cholesterol down if you are faithful and consistent about implementing them. If diet and exercise alone don’t work, you may want to consider taking a medication. Your doctor can advise you of all your options and let you know which ones are right for you. If your cholesterol does come back down again, don’t get fooled into a false sense of security. This is still a very real danger that leads to long term problems that can be very serious. Even a few slips in your regime can lead to relapse that can be dangerous to you over the long term. It is important that you work with your doctor to regularly monitor your cholesterol. Don’t miss any appointments that are intended to keep up with this monitoring and stay on track with the regime you and your doctor plan out for you. You can keep living a happy and healthy life with lowered cholesterol.