Homemade Bubble Bath For Kids

Kids love playing with bubbles within the tub, but the cost of bubble solution and also the ingredients in them may make parents hesitant. Making homemade bubble solution enables you to use a gentle soap for the base, that is especially important if your kids are vulnerable to irritation from commercial fragrances. You may also make it for a fraction from the cost of store-bought bubble solution, and that means you can use a generous amount without feeling like you’re pouring your hard earned money down the drain.

You can use it as a reward for that child’s good behavior or perhaps use it to coax your kids to have a bath within the weekends. If you are worried that giving an each week foam bath for your children is very expensive, then you definitely haven’t learned about the joys of making one using ingredients accessible in your kitchen as well as your bathroom! Yes, In the end homemade bubble or foam bath for kids. Most parents think creating ahomemade bubble bath can be a complicated process, so that they be put off by it entirely. Often bubbles disappear within minutes and the children become disappointed. Also, parents are frightened the chemicals may steal the moisture utilizing their children’s skin or get them to tearful.


Making your own bubble bath enables you to control exactly what ingredients your son or daughter is bathing in, says Janice Cox, author from the book “Natural Beauty at Home,” in tangible Simple magazine. You can not only customize homemade bubble bath by avoiding things that may irritate your child, but additionally let your child participate by deciding on the essential oils to scent her bubble bath.

Time period

Bubble bath doesn’t take a lot more than five minutes to prepare, but if you utilize ingredients with a short shelf-life, such as egg whites, you’ll need to make use of your concoction within a few hours of creating it. Bubble bath produced from non-perishable ingredients can last indefinitely should you store the bubble bath within an airtight jar or container.


You may make homemade bubble bath few different ways. One of the simplest is to blend 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate, 1 cup of cream of tartar and 1/4 cup of cornstarch with some drops of essential oil, based on Mother Earth News. Cox recommends combining 1/2 cup liquid soap, for example Castile soap, with a tablespoon of honey and something egg white to make an old-fashioned bubble bath. You may also make a generous batch of bubble bath while using Apartment Therapy website’s method, which mixes 4 cups of water, 4 ozs. of Castile soapy 3 ozs. of glycerin with your favorite acrylic.


You can customize your son or daughter’s bubble bath to suit his needs. If you are planning to use your bubble bath during the night, add a little lavender or vanilla acrylic to promote calm and sleepiness. During wintertime or any time your child has dried-out skin, mix in a little moisturizing oil, for example almond oil, to moisturize and protect.


Homemade bubble bath is usually safe, but if your child includes a skin condition or other medical condition, it’s wise to check with your pediatrician about ingredients either to include or avoid. If your little one does show symptoms of a serious allergic attack, such as swelling, shortness of breath or perhaps a fever, seek medical attention immediately.