How to Treat Bilateral Cystic Kidney

Bilateral cystic kidney is to say there are cysts in both two kidneys and it also can tell there are at least two cysts in the kidneys. Compared with unilateral cystic kidney, bilateral cystic kidney is more serious. Now, let’s have an analysis about this.

Every normal human being has two kidneys and these two kidneys work together to maintain our normal life; so we can get the conclusion that if both of our two kidneys are damaged, our life will be affected seriously. Seeing from this aspect, treating bilateral renal cystic actively is of primary importance for patient.

In many countries, especially in western countries, people with bilateral cystic renal are told to wait for surgery. Surgery is the traditional treatment for bilateral renal cystic and it is effective in removing big cysts. However when big cysts are removed, there will be enough space for the small cysts. So after the surgery, the small cysts will grow rapidly and this needs patients to receive surgery repeatedly. Besides, surgery causes infections easily, which always aggravate renal damages. Therefore, surgery is a suitable treatment for bilateral cystic.

To help bilateral renal cystic patient recover, Immunotherapy is created. Immunotherapy combines Chinese medicines and Stem Cell Transplant, which are separately aimed at shrinking cysts and repairing renal damages.

We know Chinese medicines have history of several thousands years and through large amounts of clinical practices in past years, some medicines are found to have functions of adjusting immune system, increasing immunity and promoting blood circulation. Under the effects of these functions, medical staff found that cysts can be shrunk effectively.

Stem Cell Transplant, as an advanced medical treatment, is applied to recover renal functions. Stem Cell Transplant is the transplantation of a group of original cells and when we inject these cells into human body, they can replace necrotic renal intrinsic cells to display renal function. In this way, kidney functions can be recovered effectively.

These two steps, say shrinking cysts and recovering renal functions, are essential in treating bilateral cystic and only when these two steps are achieved effectively, can bilateral renal cystic be treated effectively. hope to help you.