If You Have Asthma Treat it With Yoga

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchi and lungs. This causes the airways to reduce periodically resulting in difficulty breathing. Excessive exposure to heat or cold, the change in climate, certain types of cosmetics and perfumes, cigarettes, pollution, etc are known to cause asthma, apart from psychological factors and heredity. Yoga is a great alternative therapy for asthma. You can improve your asthma condition due to the free circulation of air. Asthma attacks are reduced with the increase in the practice of yoga. Breathing exercises are very helpful in opening up your lungs with fresh air. Back bending postures are good to open the chest to improve heart and lung condition. The practice of the upper back bends and chest opening postures helps in exhaling during asthma attacks. leans forward and lower back bending poses help in inhaling, during the attack. The mucus can be removed for the positions reversed. Diaphramatical or belly breathing is the natural way of breathing, but many of us do the opposite to breathe by sucking in the belly on the inhale. The breathing gets oxygen into the bottom of the lungs. Place your hands gently on her belly. As you inhale through the nose allow the belly to expand on your hands and exhale through the nose to the stomach moves back towards the spine, squeezing all the air. After starting the next inhalation. Take a deep breath through your nose and mouth open and let the sound ot a gentle “ha”. Let your mouth and jaw to relax when you exhale all breath.Repeat three times in any time you feel stressed and feel the anguish floating away. The asanas, or postures of yoga for asthma, are designed to help with asthma during exercise and daily activities. Poses as the Hasthasana Pada, Ujjayi and Suryabheda the aim to expand the capacity of the lungs, tone muscles and increase strength and endurance. It is important to learn the art of regulating the duration of your breathing, so they give proper exercise to the lungs and even control of breathing during sleep. You can practice these postures at home or you can attend yoga classes. shoulder lifts: For this method, you will lie on the ground with hands stretched above his head. Relax for a few breaths, slowly lift your shoulders toward the front with the head, cracking the abdomen as if you are curling up. Inhale and exhale as you lift is retracted. Kapalabhati: A very meditative breathing technique, Kaphalabati requires you to breathe rapidly in short sequences and consciously control the movement of the diaphragm. It shall exercise all help bring the respiratory system within a couple of minutes after boot. Asthma and yoga can go together in the sense that an individual with asthma can still do yoga. Try these Pranayama breathing exercises and see that asthma and yoga can be done together.