Incontinence Problem or Bladder Release

People suffering from the bladder incontinence face involuntary ejection of urine. Solution for such problem is the use of incontinence pads which absorb the urine, eliminate odor and keep the skin dry. Know what factors should be taken into account when sourcing these pads.

Bladder incontinence is a certain body condition which renders a person unable to control urination. The person suffers from sudden or frequent urine ejection. Sudden urination is a obsessive urge to urinate, along with discomfort in the bladder, while people suffering from numerous urination need to urinate more often than usual.

Urinary incontinence leads to dribbling, a medical condition which reduces the bladder’s inability to hold the urine. People suffer from dribbling face a sudden urge to urinate, but are unable to hold it, even for a few seconds. In some cases, when people urinate, their bladder is not emptied which results in regular dripping of urine. Such people are wary of physical activities such as exercise, laughing, running, etc.

Some types of incontinence are associated with certain medical condition. For instance, a person in a wheel chair or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may find it difficult to make it to the toilet in time, leading to leakage of urine. A bed ridden person also suffers from this type of incontinence as he/she will be unable to relieve themselves till someone comes to their assistance.

There could be several causes of bladder incontinence such as birth deficiency, multiple sclerosis, neurological injury or ageing process. Women are more likely to face bladder incontinence than men, thanks to pregnancy and vaginal childbirth. Patients who have been advised bed rest, use incontinence briefs to relieve them.

The solution for such people is to use incontinence products. Made of waterproof material, these briefs are highly porous and ensure an uninterrupted sleep to the users, through the night. These briefs neutralize the urine and reduce the odor. Also called adult pads, these briefs can be used both in reusable and disposable forms. Disposable pads are suitable for the people who are suffering from urine ejection in large amount. Incontinence pads are usually better than the reusable ones as these are more comfortable for the users. As these are used more than once, these are not exactly hygienic. Understandably, it is better to be hygiene-conscious when using something as a diaper. Medical institutions always prefer these on briefs.

Incontinence pads are available in all sizes – small, medium, large, and extra large. Made of absorbent material, these pads absorb skin moisture, eliminating any chances of skin irritation.

Use of quality pads eliminates problems such as skin rashes, yet it is better that the patient’s skin is cleaned and dried thoroughly. It also needs to be made sure that the bedding and furniture is protected from any urine that ejects when the person is not using these products. In any case, if the furniture gets wet, it needs to be cleaned at the earliest to prevent odor and development of bacteria. In the case of hospitals, it becomes even more important.

Hospitals always prefer procuring quality briefs as the patients’ comfort is of utmost important for them. When sourcing essentials such as pads from the medical equipment suppliers, they need to take care of material used in these products. A good medical institution would never compromise on quality. However, they purchase in bulk, which makes them qualify for discounts and neutralize the price factor, if any.