Prom 2009 – How To ‘wow’ Makeup: The Hottest Accessory To Match Your Dress

Time to start your checklist of ‘must-have’ items: one very gorgeous dress, matching jewelry, matching purse, matching shoes. Did you add matching makeup to your accessories list? It’s the hottest New Trend: Lip, Eye and Cheek colors to complement your dress color for a sparkling finish to your total Prom look! But how to decide which makeup colors and textures will look best on you, especially if you don’t have your own Makeup Artist to guide you? Should you select shimmering colors, matte colors or both, and which of those will look best with your skin while flattering your dress color? Where can you find makeup tips and guidance to help you create your very own ‘show-stopping’ makeup look for Prom night?

“Many young women want the self-confidence that learning how to do their own makeup will give them, whether they wish to create a fresh, natural look or all-out red carpet glamour for a special night. Mastering their own makeup abilities can be especially important to young women preparing for Prom, giving them extra confidence when presenting themselves in a room full of friends,” says Jennifer Kalman, Commercial Makeup Artist. But where can Prom-going teens find concise, easy to understand answers to questions such as these:

– How do I select lip, eye and cheek colors that will coordinate with the colors I’m wearing…I don’t want my makeup colors to clash with my dress!
– Some makeup colors are too sheer for photos and videos, so where can I find colors that will show up without looking overdone in front of my friends?
– Once I find the right colors, how do I use them? How can I find this information and print it to use as a reference guide while I’m applying my makeup?
– How do I make my eyes look bigger?
– If I decide to wear eyelashes, how do I apply them?
– Where do I apply each of my eye shadow colors?
– How do I make my lips look fuller?
– If I have a specific makeup question, how can I get an answer from a professional makeup artist?

“There are so many makeup products available without instruction, it can be confusing to young women preparing for a special night such as Prom. There’s just not enough real makeup guidance available,” continues Jennifer. “That is why I developed my own website designed to help answer these concerns, providing:

– instructions to help women develop their own makeup skills so their makeup can look ‘professionally’ done anytime,
– online step-by-step application techniques and illustrations that are easily retrievable and printable,
– makeup color cosmetic packages of lip, eye and cheek colors that are specially-selected to match over 18 dress colors,
– high pigment, camera-ready color makeup products designed by a commercial makeup artist and suitable for any skintone, and
– access to a makeup professional to answer specific makeup questions.”

If you’d like more information about Jennifer or this topic, please visit Jennifer’s website listed in the resource box.