Proven Tips And Tactics For Using Holistic Skin Care

Are you tired of buying expensive cosmetics? You can pay a lot, but what do you get? Holistic skin care as the name suggests, treats the whole of you, not just what the world sees on the outside! Really good healthy skin comes from being healthy on the inside in body, mind and spirit.

Understand that if you are looking for a quick fix then this is not going to help you. When we are talking about holistic care we are talking about a lifestyle change. It is a lifestyle change because we are working with caring for the entire person, hence the term holistic. With the skin being the reflection of our health on the inside, taking care of the issues that we have internally will then naturally improve our skin.

Proper care of the skin includes dietary changes. Making sure that you are eating enough antioxidant rich foods helps our skin fight the effects of the pollutants and toxins that it comes into contact with everyday. Antioxidants have excellent ant-aging properties with the added bonus of helping with skin blemishes. Organic foods are among the best sources of antioxidants. Be as natural as possible and try to eat a really healthy diet, but there are of course supplements available too.

Another step in the process of holistic skin care is sleep. Many of us are sleep deprived and don’t even realize until we look in the mirror. For most of us, our bodies need eight hours of sleep. This is the time that our body repairs itself from what it has gone through in the day. You’ll see the benefits of a few hours of extra sleep as soon as you look in the mirror.

If you smoke, you might as well be covering your face in with gravel from the road side next to a nuclear waste dump. I encourage you to look at giving up smoking if you are serious about starting a healthy skin care regimen. If you follow all the other steps but continue to smoke you are sabotaging the progress you would make.

Holistic skin care as we have stated means natural skin care, caring for ourselves from the inside out. To help your skin, try to reduce to the minimum the use of man-made chemical products. Nowadays finding natural and organic beauty products is very easy. You don’t need to make a special trip to an organic store, you can find the natural products where ever make up is sold.

You will also want to make sure that you are protecting your skin from the sun. I don’t know if you are fully aware that the sun reaches its zenith and full heat between 10am and 2pm. To keep our skin healthy-looking, we need to be shaded from the sun at that time? To avoid skin damage even during the wintertime, you must use some good sunscreen lotion to protect you.
Another component of holistic skin care is exercise. To regain a healthy bloom on your skin you must look after your health from the inside. Exercise will help move toxins out of the body, increase muscle tone, it produces a natural mood enhancement and it relieves stress. Take a bike ride, go for a walk or a run each and everyday.