Relieving Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a very common health condition that is estimated to affect over 30 million people in US alone. There are dozens of different forms of arthritis that are manifested in different ways and have different causes. But in general arthritis describes a range of inflammatory and degenerative conditions that primarily affect joints and bones. It is commonly believed that arthritis is an age-related condition however there are different types of arthritis that can also affect children and younger adults. And the biggest problem about arthritis is it commonly caused chronic pain that seriously affects all activities of the person suffering from this health condition.

Chronic pain associated with arthritis is a serious problem because it can severely decrease the quality of life in the patient. Unlike acute pain that can be easily addressed in a short period of time and usually wears off in a gradual manner, chronic pain can be weaker in intensity yet persistent through time, causing discomfort for days, months and even years. It can vary in intensity but it’s always there so the patient also suffers from the psychological point of view because he or she knows that the pain will come back again and there’s nothing to do about it.

Fortunately, there are different pain management methods available for chronic pain relief these days. Arthritis patients are common to physical therapy that is often prescribed by rheumatologists for effective pain relief. Physical therapy can improve the condition of the area affected by arthritis and promote pain relief if applied repetitively. But it’s very important that the therapy is performed by a qualified specialist that knows how to address this sensitive condition correctly. Otherwise, there may be even an aggravation of pain if the therapy is performed by an incompetent therapist.

Another common form of arthritis pain relief that has become quite popular in the past couple of years is acupuncture. This ancient Chinese practice looks quite strange: small thin needles are applied to special spots all over the body. But in fact this technique was observed to be actually effective. Many arthritis patients who have undergone several sessions of acupuncture have reported that their pain has become less intense and their overall condition has improved. Specialists believe that it’s due to the increased production of natural painkillers, endorphins, in the body that is stimulated by needle application. But no matter how it is achieved it is also important that you address an experienced and competent acupuncture specialist for the most benefit.

And of course, there are oral pills that you can use for chronic pain relief. Apart from many common anti-inflammatory drugs that are prescribed to target arthritis there are also painkiller medications that you can easily use to make the condition easier. For example, the most popular painkiller in the US, Ultram, can be rather effective for chronic pain conditions. Only make sure that you take the special extended release form of Ultram that is designed for chronic pain relief, because with the normal form of this painkiller you won’t get relief for a long enough period of time. And discuss the use of Ultram with your doctor first to get a prescription.