Signs of Breast Cancer and How to Check It

Breast cancer is regarded one of the deadly cancers found among women. In every corner of the globe women of all ages are worried with the grave health issue. Every year millions of women are diagnosed with this deadly cancer in our beautiful planet. Thorough researches are going on through out the globe to find out the cause of such disease and to find a cure of it. Doctors too are trying hard to find out the ways how to diagnose and treat the fatal disease.

Signs of breast cancer

If the breast cancer is detected at an earlier date good result can be expected. Again with it there is associated greater survival rate. Hence the most vital thing is to detect the signs of breast cancer. Generally the signs of breast cancer include:

??? Discharging of bloody liquid from the nipples

??? Indentation or retraction of nipples

??? Change in the shape of breasts

??? A feeling of compression on the breasts

??? Orange peel on the breasts

According to the doctors the breasts are on a cycle of changes during pregnancy and menstruation periods. Hence it is very critical to isolate the signs of the breast cancer in the very initial period. The doctor or the individual may find a cyst or tumor on the breast. But the lumps on the breast may be caused due to many reasons. Hence the doctors opine that if a swelling on the breast does not subside after a month it must be taken care of.

How to check breast cancer

The moment a doctor finds a lump on the breast of a woman during a routine check up he/she is ready to advice for a few diagnostic tests. These tests are ultrasound test, biopsies, hormone tests genetic tests and staging tests. A biopsy is the method of taking a tissue sample from the breast that is affected. Now the sample is sent to the laboratory for detailed analysis. If it is found that there are malignant cells in the lump the doctor advises for hormone tests. Actually by doing so the doctor wants to determine whether estrogen or progesterone is associated with the malignant growth. Now the doctor generally prescribes drugs to prevent estrogen from cell building.

Stages of breast cancer

There are four stages of the breast cancer. Stage 1 indicates that the cancer is limited on the early stage. It is confined within a small area. The cancer becomes dangerous with the advent of the stages. In the stage 4 it is noted that the cancer has spread to all organs of the body. If stage 0 is noticed it is absolutely appreciated. It suggests that the cancer is limited in a particular place and it is non invasive. The patients on this stage can be easily cured. The treatment depends on how advanced the cancer is. When the situation reaches stage IV chemotherapy and radiation therapy are suggested.