Singulair Checks Asthma With Fewer And Less Severe Attacks

SINGULAIRAsthma is a common, chronic ailment affecting the airways leading to the lungs and a person’s normal breathing. The condition is caused by a range of environmental factors and may even be genetically influenced; how exactly do these factors interact is not completely understood. Ambient or environmental cigarette and tobacco smoke, quality of the air, traffic pollution, seasonal airborne allergens and irritants such as pollen, dust and so on, antibiotic use in early life, other respiratory conditions, etc. may be triggers exacerbating the asthma in one patient but not in another. The range of agents that aggravate or trigger an asthma attack are many and the symptoms vary from patient to patient depending on how many of the agents or triggers, and which specific ones, the patient is sensitive to. The general condition of the lungs and the patient’s immune system, whether the patient has a weight problem, whether he is a smoker all impact the nature of the asthma illness for each patient. This disease is a major cause of productivity loss at the work place and of school absence; many are compelled to make lifestyle compromises because of this ailment. There is a high individual and social cost because of asthma but with Generic Singulair most asthmatic patients can live a fulfilling life. Patients report fewer daily symptoms, better undisturbed sleep, and less reliance on their inhalers. To keep a daily control of your asthma and limit the number of attacks Buy Singulair. Getting to know your specific irritants and learning to avoid them is an important part of proper asthma management; exposure to any one of the triggers at any time can potentially bring on an myths about asthmaAsthma is not as some think a contagious disease. While some emotional triggers may provoke an asthma attack, it is not a psychological condition. A change of environment can help improve asthma symptoms but will not cure it. Asthma is not a disease that can be outgrown or cured. In many children the condition commonly becomes inactive as they enter into their teen years, symptoms however, may again reappear in adulthood. Asthma has no cure, but with the proper medical care the condition can be fully managed in most patients. It is a serious disability, which if not properly treated can result in emergency hospitalization and even death. There is no fear of addiction with asthma medicines. Montelukast Sodium is a latest prescription medicine highly recommended; a daily tablet of Generic Singulair keeps proper control of your asthma with fewer and less severe asthma attacks. Chew the tablet completely before swallowing. Improvement in symptoms may become noticeable after only a few weeks.SINGULAIR does not work to reverse symptoms once an asthma attack has already begun, in which case a fast-acting inhalation medication is needed to treat the asthma attack. Generic Singulair is the leading asthma controller prescribed in the U S. It is an antileukotriene and not an antihistamine and it acts by blocking the action of the chemical leukotrienes released from allergic and immune cells, which may cause allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, but are primarily responsible for causing the swelling and tightening of the muscles around the airways.