Tena Underwear, The Ultimate In Protection From Inccontinence

A specialized underwear solution for incontinence requires great care and attention to providing technology which traps and absorbs fluid efficiently. Tena’s line of underwear is the perfect choice for dismissing the worry of living an uncomfortable lifestyle due to lack of bladder control. Each of their undergarments provide a high rate of absorbency and odor control which come in a very comfortable, discreet design. Rest assured by using Tena products that you will live each day feeling fresh from special microbeads which absorb fluid upon contact and odor fighting pads which are pH-balanced to eliminate the scent of urine. Choose from a variety of absorption rates according to your symptoms, from very light, light, moderate or heavy. When you put on their protective underwear, it is similar to the feel and look of regular underwear but with a design which is more durable and customized for protection against bladder leakage.

Tena underwear products are based on constant research and improvement towards providing the best solutions for the needs and lifestyle of people who deal with incontinence on a regular basis. As a reputable and respected brand, customers are pleased to discover a line of products which are suited towards their needs, regardless of body shape, size or lifestyle. Each undergarment is made based on the advice and research of healthcare professionals to ensure the user receives optimal comfort and protection in a quality product. Whomever feels they would like a refund for a Tena product is always eligible for a refund up to 2 years upon the date of purchasing their item.

For women looking for a protective underwear solution, look no further than Tena’s selection of thin and compact pantiliners. The Ultra Thins Light Regular, Ultra Thins Moderate Regular and Ultra Thins Light Long are available in different sizes, providing varying degrees of odor prevention, coverage and fluid absorption according to each pantiliner model. As you wear one of these protective liners, live the day feeling dry and fresh as bladder leakage is controlled using a side shelf design which absorbs moisture into a core and eliminates odor through a powerful Advanced Odor Protection system. Whether you choose the Long or Regular liner, each comes in small dimensions which are a comfortable fit if you’re goal is having a discreet and effective underwear solution which is easy to replace and transport in public.

Tena protective underwear is custom-designed for the male lifestyle, physique and bladder condition. As the ultimate solution for handling daily bladder leakage and odor control, Tena provides Men’s Protective Underwear and Men’s Guards which are highly absorbent and protective. With micro-bead Dry Fast Core technology formed into a target zone on the interior which locks in fluid, you’re body is protected from incidents of bladder leakage quickly and efficiently each time. Although this seems like a lot of technology to come in a pair of underwear, rest assured that each pair looks and feels like your regular underwear in a soft and comfortable fit. The Men’s line of Tena underwear is pH balanced for odor elimination like the rest of their product line.