Tips For Travelling With Asthma

For people with asthma, their lung problem often gets in the way of engaging in activities that interest them, such as travelling. The fear of an asthma attack happening in a foreign environment, far away from home, is all too real, particularly for people with uncontrolled asthma. Even if your travels don’t involve any sort of physical activity, the added stress of being exposed to new sights and experiences is enough to trigger an unexpected attack.

The key to travelling with asthma lies in planning, making smart decisions and having enough medication with you, which is why your doctor will encourage you to buy Advair and other similar asthma management drugs to take with you on your trip.

Research your Destination and Potential Triggers There

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, it’s best to know as much as you can about your destination, if not for your asthma, then for the safety and enjoyment of your trip. Many factors can affect your asthma, chief among them the weather. If you’re travelling to a cold destination, like Sweden for instance, be sure to be ready to bundle up, lest you suffer from an attack caused by cold air.

Smoking rules in other countries should also be considered when travelling, as it is often more accepted in restaurants and hotels in Europe. It pays to ask the hotel you’ll be staying in to reserve you a room in the hotel’s non-smoking area to avoid attacks.

If you plan on visiting developing countries and highly industrialized cities, be sure to check the level of air pollution in the areas you plan on visiting. If air quality at your destination, or destinations, is poor, you may want to pack an N95 in your hand baggage.

Be Aware of Medical Considerations

Get vaccinated before travelling to minimize your risk of respiratory tract infection caused by flu viruses. Aside from vaccinations, it also pays to be aware of your insurance policy when travelling overseas. To be on the safe side, just bring all your relevant medical records, such as inoculation records and asthma history.

Other Factors to Take Note Of

If you plan to do some diving at your destination, consider snorkelling instead, as the pressurized air in scuba tanks can cause problems in asthmatic people. If you’re hiking up a mountain on the other hand, be sure to be aware of your asthma symptoms, and whether or not it’s aggravated by physical activity.

Above all, always keep your medication close to you when travelling. For your medication needs, look to Canada Drug Pharmacy to provide you with safe and original prescription medications for asthma and a host of other common ailments. Perhaps best of all, all medicines offered at the site come at prices far lower than conventional pharmacies.