Treat Children Nephrotic Syndrome Effectively

In general, after infection, bacteria and viruses, act as antigens, will invade the body. There are massive immunocytes in the body, which can devour these invaders, forming a kind of antibodies and dying after that. Due to week physique, the number of immunocytes in children is less than adults, so the immunity is not strong. Therefore, after being stimulated by the bacteria and viruses, the immunocytes in children does not devour them, but bind with them temporarily and form a kind of immune complex. With the blood circulation into kidneys, the immune complex will deposit on the glomerular basement membrane, causing kidney damage. As a result, large amount of protein get released to the urine, leading to Nephrotic Syndrome eventually.

So in order to treat children Nephrotic Syndrome effectively, we should block the abnormal immune response, clear up the immune complex, repair the damaged renal function and regulate the immune system. As long as the filtration barrier gets repaired, renal function is rebuilt and the illness condition will be improved, urine protein will disappear gradually.

Since pure western medicine or Chinese medicine can not guarantee a good curative effect, we create an integrated therapy, called immunotherapy which is our hospital’s character treatment for Children Nephrotic Syndrome

When with NS, the epithelial cells have been damaged, thus losing its function of charge barrier, then protein will leak from blood to urine. And the epithelial cells will in stress state, and the western medicines are aimed to make the epithelial cells keep in the normal state and suppress the immune response so as to prevent the leakage of protein and relieve the symptom of edema. However, the epithelial cells have not been repaired. Once the stress state can not be controlled, the disease will occur again.

Therefore, the key point to treat the disease is to repair the epithelial cell. At present, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant can effectively treat the disease: restore the normal immunity, repair the damaged epithelial cells, generate new epithelial cells to replace the death ones so as to treat the disease fundermentally and the symptoms also will naturally disappear.