What Are Bee Pollen Allergic Reactions?

Bee pollen is a highly nutritious and concentrated natural food. It is used to boost energy and performance and is considered safe to use. But, it is also reported to have serious allergic reactions caused by bee pollen.

Some people may develop allergies to it. It is formed by a mix of different flower pollen and bees’ enzymes. The allergies due to this are commonly observed in people who are allergic to certain kinds of flowers or to honey.

It is recommended to take a small amount of the supplement initially and observe if any kind of allergic symptoms are developed.

The most common allergic symptoms observed are: ??? Headache ??? Sweating ??? Running nose ??? Itchy scalp or skin ??? Rashes, redness or pigmentation on skin ??? Tearing eyes ??? Swelling of the mouth or sore throat ??? Breathlessness

It is advised to take a tolerance test to it to avoid any serious reactions and allergies. ??? Place a kernel of bee pollen under your tongue ??? Once it dissolves, it will get absolved in your blood stream via your saliva or mucous ??? If you feel comfortable and experience no allergic reaction, increase the amount of it and retest again using same process ??? Continue the test for 3 days. If you develop no allergic symptoms, it is safe for you. ??? It can trigger allergies and lead to certain life threatening risks. The risk involved while consuming bee pollen are: ??? High dosage of it can lead to mouth ulcers, throat pain, swelling and stomach pain. ??? It can be contaminated at times. When the bee carries flowers pollen, small insects and bacteria can also get transported along with it. The bee pollen created from such pollen can be contaminated and may cause allergies ??? Wrong storage of it can produce fungi and toxins which can lead to adverse reactions and allergies in the body ??? Though it is a rich and nutrient packet product, a person should not depend completely on it and medicines and other clinical therapies should not be stopped for curing any disease. ??? If you are allergic to flowers or pollen, the risk of having side effects with bee pollen are more ??? It can trigger allergies in people who are sensitive or intolerant to bee stings or bees’ main product- honey.

Experts believe that over time, we can develop tolerance to it. The allergic reaction reduces or disappears with a continued exposure. But, in case the same symptoms continue and do not reduce with time, it should not be used and a doctor should be consulted at the earliest.

Normally, bee pollen allergies are not very severe and can be cured or reduced if used carefully and with caution. But, in rare cases, the allergies can be life threatening and fatal. Be cautious, take precautions and be safe.