White Discharge In Women Explained

If you’ve found this article because you were searching about white discharge in women then you’re in luck. I’ve written this article to educate you on the subject, so please continue reading.

Firstly you should be aware of the fact that all women experience discharge from time to time. This is perfectly normal as the vagina is self-cleansing and wants to keep itself free from harmful bacteria.

You should only start to worry about your white discharge when it starts becoming excessive and much more frequent. If you start experiencing this discharge multiple times per week, or even on a daily basis, it may be reason for concern.

If your discharge is chunky, greenish in color or foul-smelling, that is also reason for concern. It usually means that there is an imbalance or even an infection of some sort. In this case a specialist should be consulted for further diagnosis.

If you are pregnant then it is perfectly normal to experience a clear kind of discharge. Many pregnant women experience this and it is nothing to worry about.

Reasons for foul-smelling white discharge could include anything ranging from STD’s to minor infections to just an imbalance in your natural flora. It’s very difficult to obtain a diagnosis from just inspecting this white discharge yourself so it’s really recommended to visit your doctor to get an expert opinion. The chance is big that there is nothing seriously wrong with you and that you may just need a small treatment like a cream or small antibiotics course to cure your white discharge.

However, if you decide not to visit your doctor and ignore the condition, there is a chance that you may be creating big health problems for yourself in future. I’m always a big fan of rather being safe than sorry. It may cost you some money for the doctors visit, but it will give you peace of mind and very likely save you a lot of money on future treatments you would have if you choose to ignore your condition.

Again, white discharge in women is very common. It’s only once this discharge is chunky, greenish in color or foul-smelling that you should worry about it. If your white discharge isn’t any of the above, then it’s probably just part of your natural body secretions used to maintain good flora inside the vagina.

I hope you found this article helpful. Be sure to rather be safe then sorry.