Why Balancing Your VLDL Cholesterol Level is Extremely Significant

High carbohydrate meals can be the major cause of increasing the levels of your VLDL cholesterol. Very low density cholesterol (VLDL) needs to be controlled comprehensively else it may lead to coronary artery disease which is also known as hardening of the arteries. Coronary artery disease can further lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Why it is necessary to keep tabs on VLDL levels?mg/dL. VLDL is supposed to be a bad type of cholesterol as elevated levels of it can create a risk of heart attack or stroke. Hence, it is recommended to maintain low levels of VLDL to avoid further health complications.

Very low density lipoprotein cholesterol is the third type of lipoprotein along with HDL (high density lipoprotein) and LDL (low density lipoprotein). All these types consist of an amalgam of proteins, fats and triglyceride in varying ratios. HDL contains a large quantity of proteins, thus it is referred to as good cholesterol. LDL contains a large amount of fats and small amounts of proteins, hence it is known as bad cholesterol. VLDL is similar to LDL and is referred to as bad cholesterol.

How do you avoid increasing the levels of your VLDL?

A VLDL cholesterol molecule carries larger amount of triglyceride and cholesterol and is produced in the liver. Liver has the capacity to break the food particles and convert them into carbohydrates and triglyceride, which is then stacked in VLDL. VLDL then carries it to body cells and muscles. VLDL dispenses triglyceride in the blood and part of it is converted into LDL which tends to accumulate on the walls of the blood vessels and clog the normal flow of blood. This results in drastic health complications such as stroke, thickening of arteries or heart attack.

Elevated VLDL cholesterol levels can be due to several reasons such as diabetes, obesity, birth control pills, hereditary, hepatitis, alcohol, cancer, smoking tobacco, etc. For women the concentration of VLDL triglyceride is much lower than men. The best way to reduce your VLDL cholesterol level is by reducing your triglyceride levels. Balancing the entire lipoproteins levels can lower the risk of stroke or heart attack and keep you healthy.

Various means to control VLDL cholesterolYour routine cholesterol test does not include the VLDL cholesterol readings and there is no special method to check your VLDL readings. As it is extremely crucial to know your VLDL level, it is usually derived and estimated through your usual triglyceride readings. The standard reading for VLDL cholesterol should range between 5 mg/dL to 40Once your medical practitioner has confirmed your high cholesterol levels, you are required to change your entire lifestyle for the better. Lifestyle changing would involve shedding of excess weight and regular exercising. Exercising has proved to reduce triglyceride levels drastically and increase the HDL levels which help you avoid severe medical conditions. Apart from physical workouts, diet plays a very important part in reducing VLDL. Foods containing soluble fiber, low in sugar, green vegetable, whole grains and fruits can help you lower your VLDL level tremendously.

Consuming a low cholesterol diet will help you reduce weight and also help you lower triglyceride and LDL levels. Foods help you increase the levels of HDL too, thus protecting you from conditions such as stroke or heart attack. There are medications such as niacin or nicotinic acid and fibrates which help in reducing the VLDL levels and increasing the HDL levels. There are many natural supplements like Cordyceps, gugool, etc., which have proven to be effective in balancing the cholesterol levels. Most of these supplements are easily available online.

Balancing VLDL cholesterol level is equally important as balancing LDL or HDL levels. This ensures you of reducing the risk factor in getting a heart attack or stroke or coronary disease.