Month: June 2018

Curb The Cholesterol With Uncle Lees Imperial Organic Pu Erh Tea

Most of the people are worried about the bad cholesterol in their body. People do various exercises to curb cholesterol. It is very essential to reduce the quantity of cholesterol healthily. There are various fitness related products available on the marketplace. You need to choose the right product to curb your body cholesterol healthily. Before using any fitness related product,… Read more →

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Cord Blood And Its Uses!

Umbilical cord blood is an important break through of the scientific research taken up in recent years. This blood is collected from the placenta and umbilical cord, after a woman gives birth to a child, and contains stem cells. These stem cells are used for the treatment of genetic disorders, as well as hematopoietic disorders. There are many other sources… Read more →

Help For Breast Cancer

The lifestyle of the people are so busy and they are much involved in the rat race which they are running that they hardly have time anything in their life other than work, eat and sleep. During such course of time, we as humans sometimes tend to over look the common disorders or small diseases which are being inculcated in… Read more →