Different types of laser treatments

There are various cosmetic laser treatments performed on the skin mainly to remove lines, lesions, scars, hair and tattoos. Lasers work by emitting a single wavelength of high energy light, which produces heat to destroy the skin problem. However different lasers are used for different laser treatments.

So specialists in laser treatments need lasers of different wavelengths to perform these different laser procedures.

Fine lines and skin tightening

Fine lines and wrinkles are removed with a combination of skin tightening and resurfacing by a fairly aggressive laser. This laser is also effective in removing skin tags and warts, and in laser assisted surgery where the laser is used to cut the skin.

It is possible to increase collagen production in the skin by creating a controlled injury to the skin. It is the heat of the laser that increases the production of collagen in the skin, to induce skin tightening and healthier looking skin.

Treating sun spots and removing cancerous lesions

Another of the many laser treatments is for treating sun and age spots, and for treating freckles, rosacea, enlarged pores, spider veins and even removal of dark circles under the eyes.

While scalpels were commonly used for removing all those cancerous lesions in the body, today lasers are used to treat precancerous lesions as a preventive measure.

Lasers are also used for removing vascular lesions like broken blood vessels and veins and even some birth marks like stains caused by port wine.

Laser tattoo and hair removal

Laser is also used to remove tattoos in people who now regret having a tattoo, and want to get rid of it. The laser treatment used here involves the melting of the ink in the skin and body, and then removing it from the body through the body’s vascular system.

However it is not possible to remove a tattoo in a single session as tattoo inks are very long lasting, and different colors need different number of sessions for complete removal of the tattoo ink.

It is possible to successfully remove unwanted hair from the body using laser treatments. A laser is targeted on each strand of hair to destroy its growth. The actual outcome of laser treatments depends on the color of the hair and skin because it is more successful on people with dark colored hair, and fair skin. This is mainly because the laser does not affect fair skin, and gets attracted only to the dark hair strands.

Based on the severity of the acne attack, different types of lasers are used for treating individual acne attacks. In case of deeper acne scars, a strong laser will be required to both repair the acne scars and also to treat active acne by cleaning the skin and unclogging blocked skin pores.

So you can see that there are different types of laser treatments used for treating different types of skin conditions. It is your cosmetic surgeon who will determine which laser should be used to treat your skin condition.