Fun Facts About Laser Hair Removal

When you hear the word “laser,” your mind probably immediately goes to something right out of a comic book movie. A laser is usually the villain’s favorite weapon at the end of his or her master plan. In real life, however, lasers are actually much more benign and commonplace than you might think, particularly when it comes to beauty. So if you’re the type to google “laser hair removal Baltimore,” here are some fun facts.

Lasers Beat Melanin

Melanin is what gives hair follicles and skin their color, and since darker objects absorb light, only hair that has any dark pigmentation is affected by lasers. White, light blonde and strawberry blonde hair are not affected.

Lasers Target Hair in Stages

The three stages of hair growth are anagen, telogen and catagen. Laser treatments only affect actively growing hairs, and that is why you need multiple sessions to target hair in each of its stages to force it to regress.

You Can Treat Almost Anywhere on Your Body

People are under the impression that hair removal can only be done in places where they commonly shave. However, the practice is so versatile that you can use it on and between your eyebrows, upper lip, around your beard and anywhere else from your waist down to your toes.

Laser Hair Removal Is a Growing Market

In 2018, hair removal as an industry generated more than half a billion dollars, so if you’re thinking about exploring your cosmetic options, you are not alone.

Clearly, lasers have become a standard in the cosmetic industry as a whole. While they may not burn down cities, they have usefulness in everyday life that’s every bit as awesome. Laser hair removal is versatile and precise enough to be implemented in a variety of ways that exemplify how cutting-edge science can even change the way you look.