How to Deal With an Asthma Attack – Non Sufferers

If you, as a non-sufferer, have ever witnessed an asthma suffering enduring an asthma attack, you will know how terrifying an experience it can be and is it any wonder – never have experienced an attack yourself, it is only natural for you to imagine the worst and panic.

So, if you have a friend or family member who is prone to asthma attacks you must be armed and ready to help them and yourself, should an attack happen when you are around.

Firstly, let me say you must KEEP CALM,

Secondly let me say you must KEEP CALM

Thirdly let me say KEEP CALM

Why are we emphasising this?

Well …Keeping Calm. – This may sound obvious, but it is VITALLY important. Asthma attacks are often very distressing for the sufferer (and those watching) and any anxiety or panic can actually make an attack worse. So if they see you panic � they may panic thinking things are a lot worse than they really are and will make the attack worse. Therefore, if you are with someone when they suffer an attack, it is essential that you keep calm, don’t panic AND reassure them.

The next step is – Look for Their Inhalers.

Most asthmatics have the very tools they need to quell an attack close at hand: their inhalers.

Asthmatics tend to keep these handy, so if you are going to the home of an asthmatic or going out in public with them, ask them where their inhalers are located � so you can grab them at short notice.

Monitor the Situation – In rare instances, you may need to call for medical assistance if someone you know is suffering from an asthma attack. Call for emergency help if any of the following occur:

– Inhalers and other medications do not seem to be helping.

– The sufferer loses consciousness.

– The sufferer cannot use their medication and thus the attack is continuing for longer than it should.

Just be alert, aware and calm.

The vast majority of situations will need no outside help at all, and will pass without incident.

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I wish for you and your family “Good Health”

Take Care,

Love and Light



It is important to note that information contained in this post is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Any questions regarding a medical diagnosis or treatment should be directed to a medical practitioner