How To Have Healthy Hair

Hair is one of the most important aspects or features of a person’s beauty and appearance. Hair makes you more charming when combed in a stylish manner. But there are numbers of hair problems, which lead either in their loss or their fading the original color. Often, these problems occur when you do not take a diet rich of necessary vitamins, which are vital for hair growth. You are required to consume the food that are rich source of vitamin B, B3, B5, B6. This is because vitamin B is one of the most vital vitamins for healthy hair.

Thinning of hair is a common problem among men and women. More than 60 million Americans suffer from thinning of hair. More than half the men over the age of 50 suffer from hair loss or baldness. Baldness in women is far less common, but the emotional trauma it brings is a woman’s hair is shiny, healthy and full-bodied, she looks more beautiful and feels more confident. It’s a fact, nothing can make a woman feel more fabulous than knowing that her hair is perfect. But it’s her worst nightmare when her hair begins to thin, become brittle, losing its shine and luster.

Healthy strands boast tightly closed cuticle layers. If hair is in good condition, it shines, swings, feels good when touched, and has no “cotton-candy” ends or split strands.

Mineral deficiency

Minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, chromium, iodine, zinc, and magnesium are necessary to maintain healthy hair growth. Mineral deficiency will reduce the chance to regulate the blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth and thyroid hormones that prevent dry hair and hair loss as well as defects in hair color. Too much iron is toxic to your body. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any mineral supplement.

Protein is also said to be the best food to eat for hair growth as hair is nothing but a dead protein. Incorporate a lot of dairy products in your food like tofu, soy, brewer’s yeast, eggs, wheat germ, fish, and meat. Some say, copper is an effective remedy for hair loss. But one need not drink vitamin supplement for that, you can find enough copper in liver, whole grains, green vegetables, chicken, eggs and beans.

You may also want to look for vitamins that are designed for hair loss which contains saw palmetto. You need to know that aside from improper nutrition, hair loss is also caused by the by product of testosterone called DHT which can be found in our body. The DHT will prevent the hair follicles to grow healthy hair. Now, what the saw palmetto will do is that it will inhibit the DHT, which will mean that your hair follicles will be able to grow hair again.

Eat adequate amounts of useful carbohydrates.

Carbs are an essential source of energy and help in the growth of body tissues, including hair. They are an important source of the B vitamins that are vital to healthy hair. It is important that you concentrate on consuming non-refined carbs rather than the sugars and white flour that are so prevalent in many over-refined carb products. You should place an emphasis on consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes. It is recommended that you obtain 55-60{abffe3e1318a9624791ae4064333f2f75374704dc13d09152fd440b16c9e1c0c} of your daily calories from the carbohydrates found in these foods.