Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercise is very essential to relieve the lower back pain. Lower back pain can result from many conditions and causes. Sometime the cause is obvious, when a person has had a fall or has lifted a heavy load. Often the lower back pain comes on gradually and the cause is not easy to find.

But the most important thing you can do is exercise regularly to assuage some of the chronic pain. You can engage in specific types of lower back pain exercise to alleviate your sufferings and these are crucial as it helps you become flexible and toned and thus control pain. You must be in a good physical condition so as to help you other physical problems that can be the result of chronic lower back pain.

The leg press is another strengthening exercise for the lower back. The reason for this is because it helps build the quads, glutes and muscles of the pelvis. Strengthening these muscle groups will lend strong structural support to the low back region. You probably never thought of the lat pull as being a lower back pain exercise.

Aerobic activities help oxygenate the blood which can make your recovery progress faster while strengthening lower back pain exercise targets the legs, back and stomach areas, places that provide the most support for all body movements.

Order of lower back pain exercises should be dictated by the unique postural features that an individual has. The concept of muscular imbalance, which involves analysis of which muscles are too tight and which are too weak, is a novel concept in the field of back pain therapy.

If you are trying to get rid of back pain, another lower back pain exercise to try is wall squats. These are easy to do and all you will need is a wall that is flat. Stand up against the wall and keep your back flat against it. While you keep your back in position against the wall, take your feet and move them out about a foot.

In those early stages, minor stiffness or tightness is left alone, you believe that it will ease and most times it will. Then there are other times when the stiffness turns to pain, and at this stage you have developed muscle and joint imbalances along with various trigger points in your muscles.

Lower back pain exercises such as the basic twist will help you to stretch the lower back. To do this, lie on your back and have your arms stretched out at your sides. Bend your knees so that they are pointing upwards. Then raise your knees slowly and bring them close towards your chest. Once they are at your chest, take a deep breath and then exhale as you lower your knees back to the starting position.

Keep in mind to seek advice with your physician prior to starting any program of lower back pain exercises. It will be highly beneficial to stretch and warm up before commencing your lower back pain exercises. The greater number of injuries may very well be prevented by taking the time to warm up and get ready your body for an exercise regime.

The advanced lower back pain exercise program involves exercises such as the Hip Flexor Stretch, the Piriformis stretch and the lumbar stabilization exercises with the Swiss ball. Some exercises strain the lower back and should be avoided. These include the hip twists, the hurdlers stretch, sit-ups with straight legs and any kind of stretching exercise that requires quick and bouncy movements.