Lower Cholesterol Level in Body With Generic Lipitor

With the increase in modernisation and westernisation in every society, quality of a product has become synonymous with its cost. It’s a common psychic of consumers that if the cost of a certain product is high, surely the quality of the product would be excellent; this way the high cost of the product is justified in the minds of the consumers. The more the product price, the better the quality of the product. From a fancy designer handbag, classy wrist watch to stylish mobile cell phones studded with crystals. All these products have multiple price range as compared to its low-end competitors, promising to offer the best quality product. The question arises that should the pharmaceutical sector also follow the same assumption? Let’s take an example such as branded Lipitor is better than Generic Lipitor?

To answer this question, it is necessary to know the difference between the two forms of the same drug. Basically, a branded drug is the original product manufactured by the company whereas the generic version of the drug is produced aiming to match the original product. Though they consist of the same ingredient and chemical name, there trade names differ.

Such a case in point is the Lipitor drug. Generic version of Lipitor is known as Atorvastatin and the branded drug is known by the name of Buy Lipitor only. However, there are certain requirements that need to be matched before a product becomes a copy of its original. Except for the name, everything should be same between both the drugs. To get it approved from the government, minimum of these two important characteristics of both the drug should match else it is rejected. Firstly, strength of the drug should be same such as Atorvastatin 20 milligrams and secondly, the way it acts within the body should be same for both the drugs. This way equilibrium is maintained known as “bioequivalence”. Though the products can be different in the way they appear such as colour, shape and size. But the most important difference is in the way they are priced.

Generic Lipitor comes at almost one-third price of the branded Lipitor. As brand Lipitor is quite expensive and usually a middle-class person is unable to purchase it, hence, generic version of Lipitor can be bought easily to lower the levels of cholesterol in the human body. This way the amount of people suffering from heart disease can come down significantly.