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Sinusitis Dizziness What is The Cause?

Sinusitis can be best defined as a condition wherein the sinus cavities get inflamed. Usually, the most common cause of inflammation is fungus infection, common colds, and allergens. The condition of sinusitis is actually not very serious but the symptoms associated with inflamed sinuses can be very tormenting. When we talk about inflamed sinuses, symptoms will always include runny nose,… Read more →

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Cause of Knee Pain in Runners

The weather is getting cooler, people are becoming more active, PF Chang’s marathon is approaching and lots of people are trying to accomplish a goal of completing a marathon or half-marathon while getting in the best shape of their lives. In order to achieve this goal, many gruesome hours are put in and stress is placed on the bones, joints,… Read more →

3 Lifestyle Problems That Cause Back Pain

Some people think that back pain is just part of growing older. They think that is just unavoidable and that everyone is just destined to develop pinched nerves, bulging discs, and sciatica as part of the aging process. But I don’t believe this is the case. There are actually small habits and lifestyle choices that people make that result in… Read more →