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Most Effective Anti-Ageing Foods And Diets

The really effective anti-aging food or diets are fresh fruits, vegetables especially red vegetables, Red vegetables contain a variety of useful vitamins and nutrients. Lycopene and anthocyanidins, two powerful antioxidants, are present in many red vegetables. Red vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and beets, whole grain and food containing high amount of fibre. Oily fish is highly recommended anti aging… Read more →

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Nigerians Flock to India For Cost Effective Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment

Patients from Nigeria get treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma in India done at excellent hospitals of Mumbai under best cancer surgeons of India having a vast experience in treating cancer patients. Treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma in India is provided at hospitals that support services and palliative care facilities with best health care and provide patient with a helpful advice… Read more →