TCM Treatment For Chronic Kidney Disease in 2012

What is TCM? How does TCM treat chronic kidney disease? TCM is short for traditional Chinese medicine, which has more than 2000 years’ history. According to the traditional Chinese Yin and Yang theory, all the substances in the world can be divided into 5 kinds, separately belonging to metal, mood, water, fire and earth five elements. Chinese Yin and Yang theory also point out that they regenerate and restrict each other. For example, water restricts fire and water regenerates mood. So mysterious theory, right? From the above, we can get a conclusion that there is also a medicine or therapy which can treat chronic kidney disease. So in China, many experienced doctors combine and mix several kinds of Chinese medicines to treat chronic kidney disease.

Here, we should also point out that most people especially those in foreign countries hold the opinion that TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) means herbs from nature. As a matter of fact, TCM is also abstracted from animals such as shells, furs, bones and horns of animals such as turtle, tiger, deer, and so on. So nearly all of them have little side effects compared with some western medicine.

However, every coin has two sides, and traditional Chinese medicine is no exception. The advantages are as follows:

Firstly, before it is applied, patients with chronic kidney disease often smash it and then cook it. So if chronic kidney disease patients are urgent, traditional Chinese medicine can not take effect timely, which will delay the best treatment time.

Secondly, during the course of smashing and cooking, many effective element discharges out, the use ratio of which decreases consequently.

Thirdly, when chronic kidney disease patients take in the medicine orally, it will stimulate the stomach and guts as well, which can lead to poor appetite. In addition, when the medicine reaches kidney, there is also some medicine which can not be fully made use of.

So considering this, doctors created Micro-Chinese Medicine, which is on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine and has a micro-process compared with traditional one. After the micro process, the effective use ratio is improved compared with TCM.