What Causeshair Loss For Women

It is not rare to come across a man that is bald. But even though it is not unique, the man can still feel bothered about being bald and look to do something about it. So bearing this in mind, the way a woman must feel if she starts to lose her hair must be extremely troubling, after all, hair is one of the main things a woman uses to make herself look attractive.

As a woman, if you are finding you have a lot of hair that is coming out, look to see if there is another more obvious cause as to why you may be losing hair, for instance do you oftentimes tie your hair back tightly? Are you undergoing a lot of stress in your private or work life at present? Has your diet been more impoverished than normal lately? While it may not look as if these details are relevant, but they can have an issue with what goes on in your scalp.

On the other hand, you may be getting none of these things in your life, and you are in fact losing more hair than any of the previously mentioned things warrant for anyway, if that is the case there is a chance that there are hormonal changes getting you to lose your hair. Here are some things that quite often occur to a woman than can adjust hormones and interfere with hair growth.

The change of life is an area that quite often effects hair growth. Menopause has a big impact on hormones and especially in decelerating production of them. This can effect as many as two thirds of the female population, leaving them with bald patches of some form when they are post you may be aware the most common treatment for this is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Coming is an explanation of how the hormonal imbalance during menopause can cause hair loss:-

Fundamentally, before change of life a women will make both estrogen and testosterone hormones. But the estrogen will not let testosterone to be changed and travel around the body as it acts in a way like a barrier. When the change of life begins, the production of estrogen lessens and this can allow testosterone to have a bit more of a free reign. Consequently, it is thought this testosterone can turn into DHT which causes hair loss if the scalp is responsive to it.

Sometimes a woman may have to suffer a hysterectomy, and in a sense, this is like going through the menopause as well, as the end outcome is that there is no estrogen being released to counterbalance testosterone.

Another hormonal shift in a woman which can result in hair loss is becoming pregnant. When a woman gets pregnant there are huge amounts of shifts that start to go on within the body as you can probably well guess. Through the pregnancy thin hair can thicken and vice versa, and also hair that was straight can grow curly and curly hair can go straight. All of this is caused purely and simply by the changes in hormones that takes place when a woman is pregnant, and after having the child some women find that their hair is never the same again