What You Need To Know About the Kyphoplasty Procedure

Kyphoplasty Procedure

There are a number of different treatments available today for all kinds of back injuries. Back pain, after all, is one of the most common issues adults experience as they get older. One surgical procedure many people may not be familiar with is known as a kyphoplasty. Consider a few key bits of information about this surgery and whom it helps.

Who Benefits From a Kyphoplasty?

Those who qualify for kyphoplasty Jacksonville FL are addressing a very specific back injury: a compression fracture of one or more vertebrae. Because this injury most often occurs as a result of osteoporosis, it usually affects older adults. Although wearing a brace or taking pain medication is sometimes enough to manage a vertebral fracture, the kyphoplasty procedure can help reduce persistent pain and threats to the spinal cord.

How Does It Work?

The main goal of a kyphoplasty is to restore damaged vertebrae to their original height. This is accomplished by placing a small balloon into the fractured area and then inflating it. To maintain the new volume provided by this balloon, surgeons then fill the space with a material that acts much like cement. This procedure is minimally invasive due to the small instruments that are used.

What Are the Risks?

Kyphoplasty surgery is normally followed by just a day in the hospital and only minor changes to one’s routine. Oftentimes, patients experience a reduction in pain just one or two after the procedure. There are some risks involved, however, including allergic reactions, infection and nerve damage.

If you are experiencing pain due to one or more collapsed vertebrae, be sure to consult a doctor to determine whether you would be a good candidate for kyphoplasty. While this procedure may not be a solution for all vertebral injuries, it has the potential to significantly reduce back pain for some people.